Skydive Deland

If Skydiving is on your bucket list...come on over to DeLand!   

Here at Skydive Deland you can Tandem Skydive or AFF Skydive. Tandem includes you and an instructor being in a one parachute system. Whereas, AFF skydiving is a seven step progression program. In Tandem you will free fall 14,000 feet going 120 mph or faster, and in AFF your two instructors and you free fall 13,500 feet in about 50 seconds.  

At the Comfort Inn we absolutely love our skydivers; they come from all over the globe. Many say Deland is their favorite jump zone. Even if you don’t par take in skydiving, it is extremely neat to watch them as they are free falling. We find that our parking lot has a perfect view. However, if you are more interested in “dinner and a show” you can enjoy the watch from the “Perfect Spot” restaurant located at Skydive Deland.