Blue Springs State Park

Blue Spring is the largest spring on the St. Johns River and releases a historical average of 165 million gallons per day. The spring pool is circular, with a notable boil in the center and steep sandy banks that rise approximately 15 to 20 feet above water level. The spring run flows about 1,050 feet to the St. Johns River through a dense hardwood and palm forest. It’s great picturesque moment with the live oak trees leaning over the run.

The growing manatee population here at the Blue Springs State Park has reached as high as 371 during the 2010 hard freeze, giving park visitors a spectacular viewing experience from the boardwalks and overlooks along the spring run. We found that the spring run is a crucial winter refuge for the St. Johns River manatee population. This means that swimming, diving, and canoeing are restricted from November 15th to March 15th. 

The Blue Springs State Park has much more to offer, including a historic house built in 1872 on a prehistoric shell midden, as well as boat tours on the St. Johns River, picnic areas, and trails. It’s an awesome areas to get back to nature.